— a weave of Scandinavian folklore


You don’t know what that is? Well, no worries, I will help educate you.

NaNoWriMo happens every November, when you aim to write
50 000 words during that month. It’s really only a competition against yourself,
but it’s a fun social event.

Every April and July, there’s Camp NaNoWriMo, which
is a lot looser in format (for one, you can choose your own word count target),
and you get assigned "cabins" with a private chat.

Attempts at NaNoWriMo

Camp April 2015

Winner April 2015 banner

I did it! Four completed short stories, the outline for a novella (or full-length novel),
and the beginning of two more stories.

Current status

November 2014

Winner 2014 banner

Instead of writing the aforementioned sequel, I wrote the third in the trilogy,
and while I finished with 55k, the story itself ended up closer to 65k in the
first draft.

Current status

Resting and being refocused so it can be filled up with the things for 2nd draft

Camp July 2014

I had intended to write the free-standing sequel to Nov 2013, but ended up
distracted, so I had to forfeit that camp. The sequel is still in my to-be-written

November 2013

Winner 2013 banner

The story I had intended to write the year before, had gotten a year to work, and
it was better for it. The characters had matured, and I had a far better idea
on what story I was actually telling.

Current status

2nd draft, in process of being translated into English

November 2012

I had originally intended to write erotica, but I now know that I can’t do that.
Also, due to not having prepared for NaNo at all, I barely hit 30k on it before
the end of November.