— a weave of Scandinavian folklore


All of these are completed stories, though since none is longer than 1000, any conflicts are small as well.

Introfiction to 1st act of Shards of the Eld

The skogsrå Skoje-Karin stood on the woody cliff, staring down at the farm. Her hand rested on her swollen stomach and the green hair flowed to her feet. She closed her eyes, her fist clenching as her mind wandered to her latest lover, the father of her child.

“I would have given you everything.” Though her gaze rested on the farm below, her mind was far away. “But you chose her before me.” Anger flashed in eyes as cruel and guiltless as the autumn storms. The wind through leaves and branches answered her mood, tearing at the trees and murmuring angrily.

The house’s door opened and closed. The spirit held her breath, blending into her forest home and watched the young wife of the Hogar farm. The human carried a basket of laundry on one hip and a child on the other. The skogsrå’s mind lightened as her anger dissipating. The wind softened into a gentle humming, and trees bent to her anger straightened up. This human was innocent.

As if she could read thoughts, the human woman with white-blonde hair gathered under a striped scarf paused, meeting Skoje-Karin’s eyes. Earthly met unearthly, and the farmer woman bowed her head in polite greeting.

The skogsrå raised a hand before she slipped behind an elm, disappearing into the forest.

Her back was hollow, like a rotten log.