— a weave of Scandinavian folklore

How things are connected

Småty is a term for all mystical beings and creatures in Scandinavian
folklore. It includes such things as Näcken, a fiddle-playing water
sprite, various kinds of rå–guardians of different places–witches,
mares (the root for the word nightmare), faeries, elves … Yes, it goes on.

While the main settings are either on the west coast of Sweden
(around the towns of Grebbestad, Tanumshede and Strömstad in particular),
or in and around Stockholm, the inspiration comes from all of Sweden, and
occasionally also Norway, Finland and Denmark.

The earliest story is Becoming, set in the end of 500AD,
long before Christianity made serious headway among the Scandinavian
tribes. From there other stories touches on the height of the Viking Age,
and up to modern times.