— a weave of Scandinavian folklore

Details on where


Sweden has been divided into several divisions through the years.
While provinces (landskap) aren’t used anymore in a legal sense,
they still remain in people’s minds. Bohuslän is one such provinces, on the
northern-most west coast of Sweden, sharing a border with Norway.

Bohuslän became a part of Sweden 1658 at the peace of Roskilde, when
the kingdom of Denmark-Norway lost both it and Skåne/Scania to Sweden.
There’s been a lot of wars and scuffles between Sweden and Denmark, and
the land shifted hands quite regularly in old times.

The coast is dotted with islands, and the geography is distinguished by
a rocky coast, in particular the red granite that at least in Sweden is
known as Bohusgranite.

In sources from the Iron age (including the Viking age) and the medieval era, the area has been referred to as Ranrike–
from an ocean deity named Ran–or Alfheim. It forms Viken–the Bay–
together with the rest of the Swedish west coast and the Norwegian
east coast.