— a weave of Scandinavian folklore

Don’t let the modern world trick you;
not everything is as it seems.
Magic exists in the shadows,
it glitters and glimmers and gleams.

Mist-fairies dance in the dawnlight;
a fiddler still plays by the falls;
the forest is guarded by skogsrå.
They know you can sense through the walls.

Ancestral roads do remember,
as does the far-reaching sea.
Red granite cliffs lines the King’s way;
together let’s walk: you and me.

So, what's this about?

This page is about a world that exists in my imagination, at least mainly. It’s called Småty since that’s a dialectal word from Bohuslän, Sweden, for the various supernatural critters in the world. If you are interested in Viking historical and contemporary realistic fantasy inspired by Scandinavian folklore (including the Norse gods), this is a good place for you.

The stories are a mix of historical (mainly the iron age, both
before the so-called Viking age and during) and contemporary, something in
the magical realism line. They are all set in Sweden, generally with
connection to Bohuslän, which in old times was known as either Alfheim
or Ranrike. I prefer Ranrike, so that is the term used in my world.

Check out the characters (which includes interviews and bios), the
and their real-world inspiration, or the stories, which has excerpts of longer works as well as both
microfiction (up to 140 characters) and flash fiction (up to about 2500